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Whether you’re a seasoned professional or you’ve inherited your collection and are now ready to sell, Premier Coin & Currency would like the opportunity to purchase your Coin and Paper money collection.

Below is a short-list of the items we purchase. If you do not see your item or items listed below, please contact us for further assistance.

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German Gold Coin   Roman Coin    Civil war token    Jeton

-  Canadian, US & World Coins     -  Gold & Silver Coins     -  Ancient Coins

-  Pre-Confederation, Civil War & Conder Tokens

-  Store Card, Trade & Transportation Tokens

-  Jetons & Medals

        220px-Banknote_of_the_Colonial_Bank_of_Canada                    US_$5_2nd_Charter_Period_National_Bank_Note

- Canadian & US Charter Bank Notes     -  Bank of Canada Notes

- Fractional Currency     -  US Small Size Currency

- World Banknotes

           le-proof-setGold & Silver2012-FINE-SILVER-PROOF-SET

- Royal Canadian, US & World Mint Products

- Proof, Specimen & Uncirculated Sets

- Gold & Silver Sets

- Limited Edition Mint Sets

Stocks                   Map of Toronto

- Merchant Script

- Old Stock & Bond Certificates

- Historical Documents

- Historical Maps